Friday, 31 October 2014

Dropping the nose-to-tail from the blog

So I've dropped the nose to tail content (the blog posts are there, but now un-indexed) of the blog.  We are still cooking nose to tail, the brawn is still waiting to be done, and I did some great potted cheek and oxtail recently, but the writing didn't work out.  Mainly the photographs all looked the same, and the internet is full of bad food photography which I didn't want to add to.  There are people out there doing it way better, I like in particular.

So the content adding something, and from the analytics, by far the most read is the coffee and hifi, so I'm sticking closer to that, and more making it more of an outright blog with what is going in on with me.

The posts for the next three articles finally proof read by my better half, and scheduled waiting to be published this week.