Sunday, 12 January 2014

Warrens at Dereford (Digital From Day 1)

Today was sort of a big day, as finishing the lamb breast had to take a back seat to +Tate broadhurst @TateLowen arriving a bit early.  The next generation's lives are going to me immeasurably different from ours, digital enablement hopefully being as much as a blessing as it is a fated curse.

It did mean that along with Amber and Tate's great Grandmother having a short stay there we have been spending some time in Dereford hospital which I have to say has treated us very well.

The Lamb Breast has been quite happily pressing in the Fridge.  8 cans of baked beans providing an important part of this dish

I also have discovered that there is a branch of Warren's Bakery in Dereford hospital which provided a chance to sneak a fast pasty a lunch.  Before we very shortly head back to Cardiff I think getting in as many pasty reviews in as possible is well worth doing. Or if not I'll still enjoy doing it.

To be honest doing good food in a hospital canteen type setting must be hard.  But the decor and branding was trying hard to please.  Warren's regularly comes up in the best pasty argument so it was hard to order anything else

I was very pleasantly surprised.  Good pasty decently treated, in a hospital.  Better fat flavours in the pastry and meat than the +Oggy Oggy Pasty.  But I'm not sure that rolled style is really a crimp.  Again the turnip is cubed rather than chipped or sliced.  Very salty, not enough pepper, decent gravy.  But generally a proper pasty, and a welcome brief diversion.  Latte with it was terrible though.

Does bring up the question with pasties.  Is the best pasty made by a butcher doing bakery, or a baker doing butchery.  Generally I vote with the butcher driven pasty, as I don't think it's really about the pastry in the way a patisserie is instead, much more about a meat pie and about the veggies beat and gravy - a meal in a pastry wrapper.

More on pasties to come including my recommendations.  For which you will find disagreement in my family alone, let alone the wider Cornish community.  But safe to safe at either Warren's or Oggy Oggy have been both very faithful representations of the bread.  With absolutely no carrot, always with turnip, and a miners end nub to save in your pocket.

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