Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gribbles, Oggy and Lamb Breast

Staying at my in-laws this Sunday, and looking forward to cooking for everyone. I'd been saying for a long time to do a lamb breast recipe and now seemed the perfect time.

Breast is very cheap and generally unloved, and I'd not done it before but it had looked great on the Great British Food Revival.  Perfect sort of nose to tail material.

We booked the meat from Gribbles based on family recommendation, and it was a great chance to take Amber down to see what she would be eating on the Sunday, and visit another local butcher.  We went to the Plympton branch

Lovely local butcher, open early at 08:00, and it was a beautiful day.  Not a huge amount of stock, but different things, and all looking very good.  Very friendly, and made it really approachable for Amber.  Great stuff thank you!

We overbought.  There was some logic for this - to make twice as many breaded pressed fingers as we needed, freeze some, and they would provide further meals with defrost and fry/bake. But four lamb breasts might have been overly ambitious.  We paid £3.50 each, for which you get a lot of meat.

Conveniently there was breakfast next door. +Oggy Oggy Pasty  pasties fresh out of the oven were great, a pixie pasty for Amber and a large for me.  Nothing quite like fresh Cornish pasties, technically of course in Devon in Plymouth, but Cornwall only just over the Tamar.  These were authentic and very good, K's family are from Penzance, and have been cooking them for generations - one of my favorite things to be cooked when we come down.   Anyway the local "where is the best pasty" argument always rotates and causes great discussion.  These were reliably good, but if was going to do a really picky review.

+ really good finish on the pastry
+ very good gravy, and a good balance overall
- not enough pepper, could have had more meat
- some cubed not sliced veggies

But ultimately a proper hot pasty is hard to beat.  See very happy face.

It's very interesting the different price of beef skirt in the southwest, due to the popularity of making pasties at  home compared to the rest of the country.  Skirt (Diaphragm) is a great cut of meat and overlooked elsewhere, but at £10+/kg regularly down this way, certainly not here.  More like £7/kg when buying in Cardiff. 

Amber was totally un-phased by the butcher and loved helping.  I expect the Lamb to disappear well on Sunday when she sees it cooked

So after a great day out and about the breast is making the house smell fantastic as it cooks in the oven. Pressing overnight following.  Photo below of half before going in.  I think the cut looks great, will see

Great piece of meat.  Yes fatty and yes needing de-boning, but as it is cooking looking very appetizing.

One of our friends Beth at Park Farm just started her own blog as it comes into lambing season and she's taking a sabbatical and helping on the farm.    Current score 2 lambs, 99 Ewes.  A while since I bought things from the on site farm shop at Park Farm - mental note to ask.  Nice to see the thing all the way start to finish.

Hope you have something nice planned for your Sunday.  All the best

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