Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beef Carpaccio and Marinated Beans

One of the nice things about trying to cook everything from the animal is to do some of the prime cuts as well as the frugal ones.  The difference per kilo at one of the local farmshops here is huge, £40/kg for fillet of beef, £11/kg for a double rib - probably my favourite cut to cook.  The fillet is such a small part of the animal you can understand the market forces driving the price difference, but it seems a shame to spend so much and just to do steak, when often I think a rump, or a sirloin is just as good and sometimes better for that.  I wonder if the ladies who lunch who only buy the fillet there, as it's "the best" are subsiding my purchases.

But a special occasion, so if cooking fillet, or even not cooking fillet, I thought it would be nice to do something different that you don't often do with Rump or Sirloin, so a Carpaccio.  good for a much smaller piece of beef than a 4kg double rib.  This was done with about 600g of fillet, from the butchery counter at a well known supermarket.

This is to this Jamie Oliver Carpaccio Recipie with a little cold lemon and thyme pasta salad and Grana Padano added, and a vinaigrette rather than just a drizzle of olive oil.

I thought it was a really good recipe though I thought the marinade needed loosening a lot with more wine vinegar and a bit of lemon.  I was a bit nervous trying to do carpaccio without a proper meat slicer, but using a very sharp knife and the trip of spreading them out with the flat, worked surprisingly well.  This is prior to pressing out.

We really liked it and as importantly it passed the toddler test.  I'm always amazed about how unafraid kids are about food if you don't tell them they should be afraid of it.  What is basically raw beef and strong tasting beans:  no problem - just please remove the funny green bits (thyme and herb stalks/leaves) Dad. Fair enough - so lightly rinsed beans and undressed pasta, and it all disappeared.

Updated:  2014-01-26

Leftovers made a fantastic cold pasta salad, a coarse chop and a mix. The marinade (well obviously) had much more fully flavoured the beans having been left overnight, but they were a slightly less appetizing colour.

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