Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Back on line and Ikeahacker published

So Katherine and I are rediscovering how little sleep a newborn means, and blogging as predicted by my one of my colleagues stopped completely.  We're now back in the house from hospital, and Tate is now sleeping at least for a while, and I've set up to write a very short and first blog post from my new desk..

Many projects have moved on in the meantime, pasties, coffee, and finishing the lamb breast last night, and two of the big hifi projects have just kicked off.  So there is plenty to catch up writing about.

To this end I think I've worked out how to merge the blogs so to keep a time and storyline, and avoid audiophile people having the food posts if they don't want it and foodies avoiding the hifi posts.  Though the venn diagram of the two seems to normally overlap pretty well.

The first big project on the hifi blog is a turntable project for the new study, and whilst I was away I was delighted that the smaller part of that, getting the study built, got published on Ikeahacker which made me very happy.

So, the Hugh meat book from the photo is joined by the GingerPig meat book, ready for next post.  Hoping to catch up with a lot of computer based tasks tomorrow.

Also enjoying reading Beth Watkins Lambing Live blog at http://fourlegsgoodlog.wordpress.com/ up at Park Farm, and thinking whether it can link up with the Lamb butchery course at the GingerPig.

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